The moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived – the Artist Project has revealed the artists for their official Class of 2019. This year, Swisher has partnered with some of the industry’s finest: Taylor Bennett, SAINt JHN, Valee, and Childish Major. Each of these stars-in-the-making bring a unique energy to the industry and are all appreciated in their own ways.

Take SAINt Jhn for example. The songwriter-turned-artist has been making waves in the industry for years and is finally in position to put his unique artistry on the forefront as a solo artist. His debut album Collection One showed the world what he’s all about and what he hopes to bring to the industry. Always pushing his musical boundaries and refusing to change who he is, JHN hopes to utilize this Swisher partnership as a way to further the message and promote his content and persona on a different and broader platform.

Next up is Taylor Bennett, the self-made recording artist from Chicago, who has always promoted self love and positivity. His music and overall message is simply, “be yourself”, which is also the title to his most recent project. His energetic music is mixed with powerful and relatable lyrics his fans can relate to, and each time you speak with him, you can easily soak in his bright and vibrant energy. Seeing him tear down the stage at the Swisher Haus event in ATX was a moment to see and it certainly set the tone for what his 2019 involvement with the Artist Project will bring.

The producer and artist Childish Major has had an exciting career thus far, but if you ask him, he’d say he’s just really starting to see his flowers bloom. Breaking on the scene as a producer, Childish quickly grew a fan base and earned his stripes and respect in the industry. Now as an artist, Childish is in full control of how his music will be created and it’s a rewarding feeling according to the Atlanta hitmaker. It’s been quite a bit since we’ve gotten some new solo music from Childish, but he assures us that 2019 is the year that all changes; and how fitting with him being one of our 5 class members for the 2019 year?

Coming fresh out of Chicago, the G.O.O.D. Music signee Valee, was a clear choice to be a member of the Artist Project Class of 2019. His mysterious persona has fans anxiously waiting for more and more Valee content, but his “slow-play” in terms of releasing music has also worked to his advantage. Burning down the Swisher Haus stage in Austin, TX showed us Valee is much more than just a guy that can make good music — he’s a standout artist of this new generation. Just like the rest of the class, Valee is just getting started.

With a lot in store for this year, the Artist Project is beyond excited to get the 2019 show on the road! Congratulations to our 2019 Class members and be on the lookout for a ton of exciting endeavors this year. Follow @SwisherSweets on all platforms to stay in tune.