The moment has finally arrived – SAINt JHN’s sophomore album Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs is here!

After dropping the first few catchy singles “Trap” featuring Lil Baby, “All I Want Is A Yacht” and “Anything Can Happen” featuring Meek Mill, the versatile hitmaker gives fans 14 new tracks that tell quite a story. SAINt explains that his debut album, “Collection One,” was the set up for GLLS, making for an intriguing artistic journey. Here’s what he tells REVOLT:

Collection One is a guy that walked into a bar with his blue mink and there’s a girl sitting at the bar. She saw me walk in to order her a drink, paid for it and left. I never introduced myself nor asked for her name. She got the impression but no information about me. Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs is where I come back to introduce myself. It’s a random night and the same girl at the bar. But I left her hoping for something and I came back to tell her a little about myself. That’s Ghetto Lenny’s Love Song.”

If you’re still unfamiliar with SAINt JHN, you’re severely missing out. Take a listen to Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs here and thank us later.