Swisher: What’s up Justina! How is your year going?

JV: Hey guys!!! It’s is going AMAZING! I feel incredibly blessed! God is great 🙏🏻

Swisher: You recently became an official Swisher Sound ambassador! What do you look forward to when it comes to working with the Swisher Sweets Artist Project?

JV: Man, I’m such a swisher head and have always been, so to be a part of the Swisher Sweets Artist Project is really a blessing. You know I’m one of the illest in the game off of the brain so I’m with all the smoke 💨 💨💨 Pun intended lol

Swisher: You also went to the Summer Twist Yacht Party in June. How was the party? Who’d you hang with?

JV: Yes the Summer Twist party was so BOMB! I had a blast. I was hangin w/ my girls Mariah Lynn & Chanel West Coast and made some new friends w/ Shaq, Izadi, Tarzan and Markley.

Swisher: A lot of people know you for your role on Wild’N Out, as well as your top notch rap skills. When did you first start rapping, and when did you realize you had a true talent?

JV: I’ve been rapping since forever. I’ve been in love with Hip Hop since a young kid. I used to put my name in all Lil Kim’s verses and just go off. I was always really good with my words and rhyming and I would do it for whoever was around. Then they would want me to show other people. Then those people would want me to show other ppl. People would throw words out and I would just go off the head and everyone would be impressed.

Swisher: You just released a new album Favorite Vibe last month. Congrats on that! How would you say this project differs from previous music you’ve released?

JV: Yes! Favorite Vibe just dropped and is doing great I’m so glad my supporters are really feelin it. It’s different from my last release, Feminem, which was more rap centric. Favorite Vibe is a mix of rapping, singing, lots of melodies, and a bit more vibey. I love both. I like to give the people different flavors for their palette. And… I’m already working on the next album 😏

Swisher: You most recently dropped a new video for your track “Damn”, which Swisher exclusively presented. Talk about the creative process for this video and the message you were trying to spread.

JV: I got 5 on the Swishhhhhhh❗️🗣💨 Crazy how when I recorded this song, Swisher and I didn’t have our partnership yet. Just goes to show you how organic and real this shit is and how the universe will bring forces together for a reason! The creative process for this video was me trusting the two directors Joan Roman and Kevin Losani to do the DAMN thingggg and that they did! They came to me with a treatment to bring my lyrics to life and I loved it. They killed it, exceeded my expectations, and some people are even saying it’s their new favorite video of mine.

Swisher: The new season of Wild’N Out just aired. Without getting you in trouble, can you tell us some things to look forward to on season 14?

JV: You know every season of Wild N Out is some new crazy insane shit and Season 14 is NO different. We filmed in ATL so it’s a lot of roasting, a lot of energy, and you know especially from ya girl JV… a lot of BARS! 🗣 You can def catch me goin ham in the Wildstyle. I will give you guys one little teaser no one knows yet. For the first time ever there was a female vs. male episode. That’s never been done before. You wouldn’t want to miss it. Shit was legendary!

Swisher: What’s on the horizon for you and Swisher for 2019?

JV: As for me and Swisher I just KNOW we are gonna take shit over for the rest of 2019 and go into 2020 with perfect vision, pun intended. I’m a woman on a mission and I think the partnership between me & Swish Swish is a match made in Heaven. So sit back relax and get you a pack of classics cuz you ain’t seen nothin yet!!!